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New flavours in Żubrówka family 6 Mar 2017

The family of legendary Żubrówka is growing strong. Reaching out to the consumers' expectations, Żubrówka Biała, the leader on the Polish vodka market , is developing vodkas with a hint of flavours. In March, the brand's portfolio will be enlarged with two new variants with a hint of refreshing notes – Żubrówka Biała with a taste of mint and Żubrówka Biała with a taste of juniper.

New Żubrówka Biała is a novelty in the offer of the legendary brand. These are two new clear vodkas characterised with delicate and refreshing hints of natural ingredients. The aromas of mint and juniper greatly neutralise the sharpest spirits' notes simultaneously showing off the gentle character of the most popular pure vodka in Poland. The mint has always been seen as the vodka's best friend; it adds lighter taste, tenderness and freshness. It will ideally suit the spring-summer season as an alternative for lighter spirits. On the other hand, the juniper is not only perfect for adding refreshing and unique aroma to pure vodka but also it greatly emphasises the taste of vodka and meals served with it.

Being the leader on the Polish vodka market we have noticed the potential for the new type of vodkas – clear with a hint of flavours. Żubrówka Biała with a taste of mint and Żubrówka Biała with a taste of juniper have been created in response to this trend – says Joanna Nowakowska, Żubrówka Marketing Manager. We have done a number of consumer studies. We have concluded that the new Żubrówka variants should have more dry character joining the best of the clear vodka and flavoured vodka categories. The taste should be distinguishable but not dominating, keeping down the sharpest spirits' notes. The liquid should definitively be transparent to stress that we are still dealing with the clear vodka. We hope that the new variants of Żubrówka Biała will match the tastes of Polish consumers.

Introducing the refreshing variants of Żubrówka Biała will be supported by special present sets and expositions as well as POS materials in shops. Additionally, the campaign will include PR actions as well as social media and trade press communications.

The new Żubrówka Biała with a taste of mint and taste of juniper will be available for sales staring from the second part of March.

About Roust Group

Roust Group is the largest integrated spirits producer and distributor in Central and Eastern Europe and the second-largest vodka producer by volume in the world, with over 27 mln 9l cases sold annually in more than 80 markets. Roust owns production facilities and distribution centres across Poland, Hungary, Russia and Italy. Roust's extensive portfolio includes flagship vodka brands Russian Standard, Green Mark, Parliament, Talka and Zhuravli, as well as the iconic Polish vodka Żubrówka. Roust Group includes Gancia, the legendary Italian company that created the first Italian sparkling wine. Roust Group's Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Roustam Tariko.

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